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Only a Few Days Left to Vote for MAsT International in the Pantheon of Leather Awards!

This year, the winners will be decided by public voting so be sure that your voice is heard!

Visit The Pantheon of Leather website and click “vote now” to cast your votes. You can leave any category blank that you do not wish to vote on.

Voting is only open for a couple of more days, so be sure to pass this link on right away to anyone in your chosen family that would be interested in seeing MAsT recognized. (email, fetlife, facebook, twitter, etc.)

Here is an excerpt of Ms Suzan’s bio from the PantheonOfLeather website. The full bio and those of the other nominees can be found here.

"I have lived a “Charmed Leather Life”. Helping to open and run The Sanctuary, helping produce MAsT ’99, and getting to meet all those people was life changing. I also helped facilitate Butchmanns and worked on the Leather Quilt. In addition, I have taught numerous classes, judged several contests, been a Tally Master and soon I will be giving my first Key-note speech.

In my early years I was taught that new people needed to feel needed. That once I mastered something, it was time to move over and let the new kids try. Sometimes I didn’t know where I was moving to, but I have been fortunate that I have always been graced with new and wonderful opportunities and directions for growth.

I am also very involved with MAsT, having been on its Board since 2007. I’ve led the Team in getting a non-profit status and getting the logo trademarked. Now, my job is to room the next Leadership Team for MAsT International, so I can take a less active role—but I’m not done yet.

Being nominated for this award affirms my hope that the work I have done in this community has touched people’s lives and helped them on their journey. Every day is a new learning experience.”

Be sure to pay attention in the other categories as well. In addition to MAsT International and Ms. Suzan, a number of our other beloved institutions have also been nominated this year including The Carter Johnson Library and the Leather Heart Foundation!

After more than 30 years serving the M/s community, if you’d like to see MAsT International recognized in the Pantheon of Leather, as well as other individuals and organizations you would like to see acknowledged, be sure to take a moment now to vote and spread the word before ballots are closed at 12:00 AM on August 15.‎‎
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Master Dante Amor


MAsT Newsletter - Summer 2019

Click here to view the Summer 2019 edition of the MAsT Newsletter "M/s Connections".


Minutes from the Northwest Regional MAsT Meeting

Led by Northwest Regional Representative Candice, the Northwest Region’s MAsT Meeting was standing room only with 28 attendees representing the following local chapters:
MAsT: Sacramento
MAsT: Fresno
MAsT: Boise
MAsT: San Francisco
MAsT: Santa Clara County
MAsT: Seattle
MAsT: Oakland
MAsT: Everett
MAsT: Portland
MAsT: Stockton
MAsT: Reno
MAsT: Salem, OR
MAsT: Midlothian (sp?)

Candice opened the meeting with welcome, introductions around the room, confirmed everyone receiving MAsT emails, advised that Chapter names can be easily changed to reflect new meeting locations. The NW Region has a new chapter in the Seattle area, MAsT: South Sound.

Members requested an updated map of MAsT chapters to allow them to easily find other MAsT chapters when traveling.

Suggestion: ability for chapter directors/assistants to edit chapter meeting reports and correct entry errors.

Quick discussion of the succession of MAsT: Northwest Regional Reps: (not sure I caught all this)
Master Brian
slave Jody

MAsT: Stockton currently has open meetings, considering closed every other month to encourage deeper discussion, plans to participate in PRIDE in June 2019.

MAsT: Sacramento described their chapter as semi closed, meeting in a private room in a restaurant and typically has 20-30 attending each month, with different members facilitating.

Sacramento member Charles is contemplating a new charter in the Bay Area betweenSacramento and San Jose.

MAsT: Boise - planning an annual formal dinner event plus a barbarian feast in July.

MAsT: Salem - Open meetings in a private room at a reataurant, planning a MAsT BBQ picnic to bring all three Oregon chapters together on July 14, 2019. (Save the date!)

MAsT: Portland - open meetings at a playspace, big group, sometimes 30+ attending, sometimes discussions wander from M/s toward S&M, good core group of members who socialize together at other events too

MAsT: Santa Clara - “Gateway” open group, meeting 1st Sunday of each month at a restaurant, undergoing a transitional time w/ former director now living in Oregon, considering separate breakout groups for Masters and slaves on alternate months. Planning a BBQ July 21, 2019, Looking forward to Master Taino visiting Tuesday, October 1, 2019. One challenge is people responding more to “social” topics than deeper M/s topics; to alleviate this they have an informal collaboration w/ S/m Odyssey to host non-M/s Topics of interest, maintaining the MAsT chapter’s focus on M/s

MAsT: Everett (flash MAsT: Marysville) has open meetings on the first Saturday of each month, planning a BBQ on Sunday, June 2, 2019. New meeting format: 1st 1/2 member check in, 2nd half topic & discussion. Some meetings each year are reserved for title runs and current title holders.

MAsT: San Francisco (7 members present!) has closed meetings and deep discussions. New meeting space - Catalyst in San Francisco (paid for by passing the hat) New members are sponsored by current members and invited to join (or not) after a 3 month probationary period.

MAsT: Stockton - challenge - digression into S&M topics - they host outdoor meetings/potlucks/sometimes segue into other events in the local community. Planning a MAsT picnic w/ current title holders.

MAsT: Oakland (East Bay Area) closed meetings in a private home, space is tight with 12 attendees last month, Queer focused,
some members also attend MAsT: San Francisco

MAsT: Reno - closed meetings. Multi-level vetting process and probationary period w/ sponsorship, to protect current members from NV Law. (Wow-Does NCSF know about this???)

MAsT: Seattle - host location recently lost lease; currently having semi-open meetings in a private home

FYI: Individuals in Attendance
MAsT: Sacramento - FeralBrat, Thunderkiss75 (Adolfo), Lotus, Master Richard, slave Lyle, Charles, Steve
MAsT: Fresno - Eitra
MAsT: Oakland - Ranell and Judith
MAsT: Everett - Xavier and slave darby
MAsT: Portland - Liza (past MAsT International Treasurer) and Jody
MAsT: Boise - Laura (former NW Regional Rep)
MAsT: San Francisco - Trudy, Tina Beachy,
MAsT: Santa Clara County - Emily,
MAsT: Seattle - Master John, MAsT International Treasurer
MAsT: Stockton - Master Karl R. Karen Kelley
MAsT: Reno - Sscot, Josh, Annick
MAsT: Salem, OR - Sir Patch, slave evelyn (Assistant NW Regional Rep)
MAsT: Midlothian (sp?). slave daisie

Evelyn Herczeg


Northeast Regional MAsT Meeting at the Master/slave Conference 2019

You are invited to join the annual Northeast Regional MAsT Meeting on the final afternoon of The Master/slave Conference 2018 at the Westin Tysons Corner in Falls Church, VA.

Join countless chapter leaders, members, and friends from all over country for an event that always ends one of our favorite conferences of the year on an inspiring high note.

• Date: Monday, September 2, 2019
• Time: 12:30 PM - 2:00 PM
• Location: Oaks Ballroom III

The early registration price of $175 for MsC is still available until July 15 when it will be raised to $200.


Minutes from 2019 AGM

Click here to view the minutes from the 2019 AGM


The new MAsT Chapter banners are now here!

The new MAsT Chapter banners are now here! They are available in the MAsT Store.

Make your MAsT Chapter stand out with these high quality vinyl banners. Use it on the front of a tables, off the balcony railing at hotel events, outside your meeting room, as a background on a stage, in an event reception area, on the side of a truck in a parade.

We had the banner made so that it will fit as a table front on a standard 6" long banquet table with plastic clips or hung with rope or ty-raps from the brass rivets placed in the corners and along the side as shown, or even flown from the end on a pole.

These high quality vinyl banners are 2'6" x 6' long and are quality screen printed with or without your chapter name on 13oz vinyl with the new full color MAsT Logo.

The banner is shipped to you in a reusable shipping tube that can be used for storage.

Savings on shipping? Buy up to 5 banner and they all ship to you for the same price.

Delivery is about 2 weeks to you from the time you order.

Order Now!

Thank you for all your patience.

Master Bill
Marketing Director


We are official

We, MAsT International, Inc., have received word from the IRS that we have been officially granted 501(c)3 status.

Our MAsT Logo is now Trademarked.