MAsT International's Members Choice for Presenter of the Year Award

The MAsT International's Members Choice for Presenter of the Year Award will be presented to an individual, couple or family that has presented workshops and or classes on the Master/slave way of life and has freely given of their time to the Master/slave Community.

Couples and families (or Households) will be considered eligible only if both members of a couple, or all members of the family, participate actively in the presentation process.

The entire MAsT community is invited to participate in the nomination process by submitting nominations electronically.

Properly submitted nominations will be passed on to a Selection Panel composed of individuals who are MAsT members from various parts of the U.S. and Canada.

This panel will vote and decide the winners.

Selection Criteria

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How to Nominate

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Previous Award Recipients

2022 MsDDom
2021 No award given
2020 Sir Guy
2019 Sir DaddyDaun & slavegirl j
2018 Master Malik & slave cathy
2017 Master Bert & slave nadine
2016 Lady Catherine G
2015 Master Dan & slave dawn
2014 Sir Stephen & slave catherine
2013 Master George & slave bren
2012 Liza & slave Jody
2011 Raven Kaldera & slave boy Joshua
2010 Lady Lynette
2009 orja
2008 Master Larry and slave barb
2007 slave catherine

MAsT International's Alex Keppeler Award

The Alex Keppler Award was created by Master Bob to honor Master Alex Keppeler for being at the forefront of the MAsT movement. It is an award given by the President of MAsT International to a member of the MAsT International Board, an Assistant to the Board or a Regional Representative in recognition for an exemplary performance and working tirelessly in support of MAsT International, Inc.

Previous Award Recipients

2023 koneko
2016 Master David and Master Paul
2014 MsSuzan
2013 Master Alex Keppeler