The organization for adults who live, or want to live, the Master/slave lifestyle.

MAsT was founded in 1988 in San Francisco by Fred Vaselenak and his slave michel as a support organization for gay men in Master/slave relationships. During this time Luke Owens was instrumental in developing the International Master/slave Contest as part of MAsT.

Following the death of slave michel ownership of MAsT passed to Bob Fifield and slave joe who continued to look for ways to help the members in their relationships. During this time the MAsT: Chicago Chapter was formed by Master Jack Rinella as the first MAsT Chapter separate from the original organization in San Francisco.

Then Master Roger Curtman and slave bill, International Master and slave 1997, took up the ownership of MAsT and made the concept of local Chapters a wider reality. On their watch MAsT was opened up as a pansexual organization. During this time the use of the internet became an effective tool for spreading information about MAsT. Master Roger engaged Master Alex Keppeler to take on the tasks of developing websites for MAsT: Atlanta and MAsT International. Master Alex went on to develop them for most of the rest of the MAsT Chapters. In 1999 under the leadership of Guy Baldwin the weekend conference dedicated to the Master/slave lifestyle was first developed. Also in this time period the International Master/slave Contest was separated from MAsT.

MAsT History: Session 1 (June 27, 2021)

In November 2000 Master Alex Keppeler, slave john and slave kevin of Household Keppeler received ownership of MAsT with its seven functioning local Chapters. The Household immediately began work to provide a solid organizational foundation and structure to MAsT with the incorporation of MAsT as a Michigan non profit corporation and with the development of written policies and procedures for the MAsT National Office and local MAsT Chapters. They also developed and published guidelines for the formation of new Chapters. Following the death of slave john on April 2, 2001, Master Alex and slave kevin continued the process of developing and increasing local chapters and seeking to expand MAsT membership and recognition.


In 2004 Master Bert Cutler, the Chapter Director of the MAsT: Phoenix Chapter and International Master 2003, became the MAsT Liaison Officer to Chapters in Formation and a member of the MAsT Board of Directors. His task is to provide guidance and support to newly developing MAsT Chapters during their formation period.

In February 2007, MAsT International underwent major changes. MAsT joined Butchmann's Inc, family as a 501 (c) (3) not for profit educational and support resource. Master Bert was appointed as Butchmann's Liaison Board member. Master Konrahd was appointed as Executive Director of MAsT International, slave cat was appointed Directors of Operations and MsSuzan was appointed Deputy Director of MAsT International. In June 2007, MsSuzan moved to Director of Operations MAsT International and the position of Deputy Director was abolished.

In May 2008 the position of Deputy Director was re-established and the position was filled by Master Bob Blount. The position of Junior Regional Representative was created along with a specific job description and duties.

In June 2009 the position of Financial Officer was created and the position filled by slave bonnie. In October 2009 Master Konrahd stepped down as Executive Director and was replaced by Master Bob Blount.

As Mast continued to grow, additional positions were added to the Executive Committee in 2010 in order to provide the support needed by individual chapters. The Membership Director was filled by slave patrick.

A Tribute to Ms. Susan

December 31, 2020, Ms Susan stepped aside as CEO and Chair of MAsT: International, capping what has been over twenty years of dedication and service to our organization. She gave her time, passion, love, and a huge amount of sweat and tears to MAsT to help it grow from a few chapters into the worldwide organization that it is today.

When MAsT became a part of Butchmanns in 2007, as a 501(c)(3) educational organization, Ms Susan served as Deputy Director of Operations. When MAsT separated from Butchmanns in 2015 to become an independent 501(c)(3) organization, she served as CEO and Chair leading the way through 2020.

Ms Susan was instrumental in the creation of the MAsT Presenter of the Year award, guiding many people as they became part of the MAsT Regional Council and then Board of Directors, as well as providing personal outreach to chapters across the world. It is not an exaggeration that MAsT would not be what it is today if it were not for the tireless work of Ms Susan. Beyond that, Ms Susan has touched the lives of many across our Master/slave community.


In this video, the current Board of Directors have collected their thoughts on the legacy and impact of Ms Susan. We want everyone to know what a positive difference she has made. She is one of the giants who helped build the foundation of our community upon whose shoulders we have the privilege to stand. She is a huge part of our MAsT history and we are grateful for the legacy she has given us to carry into the future.

Ms Susan, thank you for all that you have done for the community. We are grateful for your example of love and service over the past twenty years. Your legacy is embedded in MAsT and the M/s community at large.



Regional Histories

MAsT: Melbourne & MAsT: ANZ

Provided by slave kim (2021)

MAsT: Melbourne and the idea of a Region in this part of the world, was born over a dinner date with slave Caroline late in 2010.

We (Master Joe and slave kim) travelled to Dallas to attend South Plains Leatherfest for the first time in 2011. We met with Master Bob Blount and discussed the setting up of the first Australian chapter. We also met Master David Cook at that time. He and slave Caroline were extremely supportive of our enthusiasm and willingness to go ahead and without their support, our chapter and our Region would not exist.

Our region was originally called MAsT: Oceania, but on reflection, and after some more discussion with Master David Cook, was changed to MAsT: ANZ. (Editor note: Australia/New Zealand)

Slave Caroline was our Regional Rep for about a year and then Master Joe stepped into that role, with me as the Assistant Regional Rep. He served until 2015, when he stepped down for health reasons. I took over the RR position and served until June, 2020. During 2019, Master Tag (MAsT: Perth Director) served as Assistant Regional Rep and stepped into the Regional Rep position when my service ended.




We did try to form a chapter in New Zealand some years ago, and got as far as the paperwork and approval for MAsT: Otago, but it didn't get off the ground.

MAsT: Melbourne was formed in June 2011 with Master Joe as Founding Director, slave Kim as Founding Secretary, Master Bella as Assistant Director and boy Paulus as Treasurer. We also had Robert as a general member of the board. We continued in this format until 2013, when two of our board members resigned. Robert became the Assistant Director and boi pup became the Treasurer. They both served until in 2015 and Riverkeeper became Treasurer. Master Joe did not appoint another Assistant Director.

MAsT: Sydney was formed in February, 2013 with Michael Stewart as the Founding Director. Windswept Gold, Jedi Master D, and Horaki were also on the committee.

There was a director change in 2015, with Lyn (horaki) taking over from Michael and then again in 2017 when Shane (Leper Knight) and Fiona (DC) took over the reins. They formed a Leadership Team of about 8 people from their leather family.




There were challenges with the chapter, and it became inactive in 2019.

MAsT: Tasmania was originally named MAsT: Hobart and was formed in August, 2013 with Judith (Kat) as the Founding Director. She stepped down in 2014 and Master Robert became the Director of the newly named MAsT: Tasmania. No meetings were convened for the following twelve months and the chapter was made inactive.

In 2017, Daddy Paul reactivated the chapter and is the current director. Daddy Paul's girl, Lyndal, serves as secretary.

MAsT: Adelaide was formed in December, 2015 with Mark (Mr. K Hyena) as Founding Director. This chapter continued successfully until the end of 2020, when Mr. K Hyena stepped down and the chapter became inactive.

MAsT: Perth was formed in December, 2015 with Master Tag as the Founding Director. The Founding Treasurer was Blood Curse and the Founding Secretary was Amaranthe.